Why you must have a Mobile Friendly website?

Mobile websites have already become conventional like the desktop ones. But they are more efficient to reach the worldwide mobile audience. Mobile websites are different from the desktop ones. They have a different approach to make it successful with the mobile users. The use of tablets and Smartphones for accessing the internet is increasing consistently. But does it mean for your business?

People are using tablets and Smartphones to explore the internet whether it is for shopping, cat images or news. In 2011, 68% US adults have Smartphones; it has increased from 35%. Among adults, tablet computer ownership edged up to 45%. Smartphone ownership is coming to a saturation point with some groups: 87% of are living in households and earns $75,000 and up annually, 83% of ages between 30 to 49 and 86% of ages between 18 to 29 have a Smartphone.

Google is very well aware of the mobile use trend. So it has decided to make a whole new search index, which will only focus on mobile search. Google has strengthened mobile friendly ranking signals. It has made a mobile friendly label in order to distinguish websites which are adapted for mobile. It has made changes to the mobile search result page that include expanded sitelinks and user friendly URLs and launching Accelerated mobile pages in order to provide ultra fast mobile experience. Google makes it important to have a site that meets Google’s standards.

A mobile friendly website is the basic need of every business and that’s where we do not compromise. At A2Z Web Development we make sure that all the websites are responsive for mobile devices and the performance is optimized. Mobile phone is now the most preferred method for internet access. So a mobile website is the primary requirement for every business. If you don’t have a mobile friendly website then it will help your competitors indirectly. According to Google study, it is revealed that around 50 percent of the internet users confided that if a website is not mobile friendly, they had use the enterprise less often even if they have liked a business enterprise. Around 60 percent of users will automatically choose another website if they don’t get quickly what they are looking for on your mobile website. Eighty percent of the users will move to a competitor’s website if they are not impressed with the content on the mobile website.

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